Impact of COVID 19 on Cricket’s Future

Cricket played in Empty Stadium, Sydney

Have you been missing something in your life recently?

Well, I know the answer would be – A lot. However, for a passionate cricket lover like me at least watching the game would be on top of the list.

So, where does the immediate future of cricket stands?

Is the IPL 2020 cancelled for the year?

What happens to the two big events this year on the cricket calendar – The World T20 and India’s tour Down Under?

What is the economic impact on both international and domestic cricket across the globe?

All these and a lot many questions would be on every cricket lover’s minds these days.

Cricket as you know is not only a game that we love, but also a business that requires expert management skills to further the interests of the beautiful game and its stakeholders. Apart from the health and safety concerns, the money involved in the game is going to be the major contributing factor for decisions to be made. So, let me present the economic impact in the next few pages concerning the biggest stakeholders in the game based on the latest developments and facts.

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