Impact of COVID 19 on Cricket’s Future


So, what’s in store for all these stakeholders and what seems to be the feasible for at least sustaining a decently healthy ecosystem of cricket around the world?

  1. No multination tournaments for at least 6 months from now.
  2. Bi-nation tournaments in empty stadiums with the possibility of neutral venues as well if home and away format is not possible due to health and safety conditions.
  3. One or at most 2 venues in a country which requires least amount of travelling for the people involved.
  4. Immediate innovations in the games format to make it more attractive for the TV viewers.
  5. Less of Test matches and more of ODI cricket, again to increase TV viewership.

Apart from all these, what could be the biggest game changer is if the Big three revenue model that was proposed earlier is made possible. Now, this should come with a condition of creating opportunities for investing more money back to the game. As only India, Australia and England seem to have the potential of not only saving cricket in countries like Zimbabwe and Afghanistan, but also cricket in associate nations in these ghastly difficult times.

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