Impact of COVID 19 on Cricket’s Future

Stakeholder 4: BCCI

The biggest financial powerhouse in the game, BCCI is also not shy to express or act on the challenges of the present times. The massive loss of the season for cricket and its fans is the postponement of the Indian Premiere League. Anybody who follows the IPL is aware of the tournament’s skill level and the potential of it being a mass entertainer. When you add to that the exchange of currencies across the stakeholders, one can realize the loss that everyone involved has incurred already.

               Since the World T20 seems likely to be postponed to Feb-March, there is a window of opportunity for the BCCI to host the IPL in October-November this year considering situations to turn positive in the coming months. Although, again it is likely that the IPL as well will be played behind closed doors and not many locations. It is still better than it being entirely cancelled for the year. While it does not seem possible for foreign players to be involved in case the IPL happens then as well. In that case, you would witness an altogether different experience. The first IPL that involves only Indian players in empty stadiums. Does it sound similar to some other tournaments? The answer is a big YES! How can you forget the Ranji trophy and other Indian Domestic tournaments? That’s normal life for them.

               So, when we are talking about the Indian domestic cricket, BCCI and the members boards have one more huge challenge of keeping the pockets filled of every state associations so that at least minimum required level of operations can be maintained. We must keep in mind that there is hardly any revenue for the boards at this moment.

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