Impact of COVID 19 on Cricket’s Future

Stakeholder 1: ICC

ICC or the International Cricket Council, the governing body for cricket around the globe will in my opinion be having the most painful headache at the moment. What ICC will be most concerned about are the possibilities of conducting the multi nation tournaments like World T20 this year in Australia and next year as well in India. Since, countries will start to reopen at different stages and in different ways, the biggest challenge will be to manage the logistics and ensure safety of everyone arriving from different countries. In addition to that when the only way to have cricket soon is inside empty stadiums, there will be a severe dent in the profits as well.

               However, the ICC will still want to organize the tournament as there is still a lot of money to be made from television rights and sponsors. More so because there are half-yearly payment cycles that goes out to the member nations. Once in July and then in January. And we know how much these payments matter to the teams like West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, SriLanka and Afghanistan who don’t have the greatest financial strength when it comes to cricket. And let’s not forget the associate nations who entirely depend on the ICC money. Now, ICC won’t want to disrupt their source of income and that is where ICC World T20 becomes a huge minting machine. There are reports that the Men’s World T20 2020 might be moved to February-March. And this is where the role of the other major stakeholders becomes important.

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